Sunday, September 27, 2015

So Long Food And Wine!!

I had decided that we wouldn't purposely try to get up this morning and leave super early. We would just get up when we woke up and head out. While I was sort of hoping to leave around 7ish, I was also content to leave whenever. As it turned out, we all were awake around 7, so we got up and got ready to leave. I went out and got some breakfast sandwiches, we ate, and we headed for the car.

We had kept KB in the dark about our car rental, hinting that we had not gotten a medium SUV and had to choose something else. And we may have hinted that it was going to be a little car. So you can imagine her surprise when I pulled up in the mini-van (KB has long legs and was probably wondering if she was going to have to ride 600 miles with her legs hanging out the door). We packed the car and headed out.

The trip went amazingly fast, especially since it seemed that every car was passing us. I looked at the speedometer several times to make sure we were going the speed limit - and we were. But apparently it was slow compared to those zooming past us. We watched "Pitch Perfect 2" since we were too busy returning/getting rental cars last night to watch it. We stopped a couple of times for gas, for snacks, for lottery tickets, and for lunch at Tom-Chee outside of Atlanta. And then we were home!! I dropped off KB and Molly and soon I was pulling into the driveway. Steve was home from his weekend in Auburn watching the Bulldogs win, and was waiting so we could return both rental cars at the same time. Maribeth picked us up at the airport, and a little later Mathieu and Everley stopped by and Everley had a bite of dinner.

After they left, I was pretty much ready for bed and headed that way. Around 10:15pm, I got a text from Molly saying that she had left her lottery ticket in the glove compartment of the car. Thinking that we had lost our millions, I asked if she had left anything else. A few minutes later she texted back saying yes - her wallet. And so began the wallet rental car experience.

Steve was asleep, so I went into the den to continue the conversation. I found a phone number, as did Molly, and she called the rental company. Of course, it was an office in New Mexico, or regular Mexico, or Mars, or somewhere, but they gave her the phone number of the local Nashville outfit. She called that number, who gave her another number, and also told her that the local outfit was closed. Which on their website said they were open. She called the other number, which was the lost and found number of the local outfit, but their office hours wouldn't be until Monday. So, we decided to just go out to the airport and see if that would help.

I picked up Molly and headed to the airport. Once there, I let her out close to the rental area. We were hoping that maybe the car was still in the line - we really didn't think they would rush it to the clean-up area right away on a Sunday night. When she got to the right rental car company area, of course it was dark and nobody was around. So she wandered around a bit, looking for the car, when another company's employee approached her. Molly explained her dilemma, they found a manager, she described her wallet and where it would be, the manager went in search of the car (which wasn't far away), and THE WALLET WAS LOCATED!! Happy days!!

Now you can say that it was all happenstance that the wallet was found. I know different. When this dilemma started, I knew the stress of losing the wallet was huge for Molly. Not only did she have her driver's license and credit cards in the wallet, but also a significant amount of cash. And it wasn't just losing the cash, but losing all of it and the pain of having to call credit card companies and get a new license. And it was late at night and the stress of realizing that it was a mistake that could have been avoided - all was not making Molly a happy girl. So I simply prayed and asked God to put His hand on the situation and take care of it. And He did. He did it because He loves Molly and didn't want her to be any more stressed. Because in the end, that's what God is about - love.

I know God doesn't answer every prayer prayed to Him in the way we would like. And I know that some would think this little prayer about this little thing doesn't seem that important, especially considering all the big things in this world. But tonight, this little thing was a very big thing to one of God's children. And He took care of her. And tonight, for that, and for all of the blessings He bestows upon me, I am forever grateful.
Thankful today for: quick, safe, fun ride home; Tom Chee lunch with KB and Molly; MB picking us up from car rental place; wallet escapade with Molly and God taking care of it; sleeping in my own bed

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