Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fall Cometh

Apparently tomorrow is the first day of fall. Yippee. Most of the time, I like fall. Because I like seasons, fall is my season to cool down, calm down, and get ready for the hibernation down time of winter. However, there are things about fall that I do not like. So why don't we just discuss my likes/dislikes of fall? Apparently if you're reading this, you must not have anything constructive to do.

  • Like: the cooler weather. Except for the days in Nashville when it forgets that the weather should be cooler and instead decides to be summer hot again.
  • Like: opening the windows and letting the fall air come in. Except for when it warms up and the house gets hot. And I have to go around and close all the windows again. And turn on the AC.
  • Like: seeing the leaves turn color and fall to the ground. And even more like the fact that I don't have to rake them (been there, done that) because our lawn more dude does it on his lawn mower.
  • Dislike: it will soon be time to change the clocks again for that Daylight Savings Time thing. And I will have to remember to fall forward or back. And remember to change all the clocks. But I like it because it will be darker sooner at night and I will think it's time to go to bed. Is this when I get an extra hour of sleep?
  • Dislike: Halloween. Hate the holiday, hate the candy, hate the scary. The only good thing about Halloween? The "It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" show.
  • Like: smelling the fall air. Except that all that dried up and disintegrating foliage causes my sinuses to get all excited about allergies and so they go on strike and clog up and cause my eyes to water and my nose to sneeze.
  • Like: seeing the trees once all their leaves have fallen. Sorta gives me hope for losing weight. Like it's a sign. A girl can dream, right?
So, on Fall's Eve, I wish you a happy fall season. May your leaves fall in piles and your sinuses always have a full supply of Kleenex!

Thankful today for: seeing Lynnette finish her project; finding supplies to complete house projects; chatting with neighbor Carla

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