Monday, September 14, 2015


He looks a little guilty, doesn't he?
This is Rambo. He is Molly's dog. Molly has a fenced in back yard so Rambo can run around. However, Rambo can climb the chain-link fence. Molly tried an electric fence, but it didn't work so well, either. Molly has spent a lot of time putting slats in the fence so Rambo will not climb the fence and escape. However, Rambo is very good at finding un-slatted places so he can climb out. Lately, though, Molly has discovered most of his climbing spots and slatted them. Until today, when Molly is out of town and driving back home. This morning Rambo found a spot and climbed out. He followed some man and his mother while they were out on a walk and apparently went home with them. The man's wife looked at Rambo's tag and called Molly who then texted me and I had to go pick Rambo up from some stranger neighbor on another street. Looks like more slatting in Molly's future!!

Thankful today for: safe travel for Steve to Connecticut and Molly to return home; picking up Rambo; 

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