Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Doing A Little of This and That

It's always a good feeling when I actually get things accomplished. With so many possibilities in my humble abode, sometimes it's hard to choose exactly which task to undertake. So I just create a new list and do those! The good news is that I got some stuff done - the other news is that the list is still long with things that I still need to do. Seriously, does anyone ever finish a do-to list?

I knew today I might have some down time to get some things accomplished, since I would be sans car most of the day. So, in no particular order, here are my accomplishments for today:

  • Got up in time to make a Wal Mart run in order to get a chuck for my drill. Because my former existing chuck apparently dissolved into thin air. Except that Wal Mart did not stock said chuck. But they do stock new drills that do not need a chuck. So guess who is the proud owner of a new chuck-less drill? Which I think was a return based on the appearance after I opened it. Oh well, it works.
  • Got my car in for the 20,000 mile checkup and the recall. The checkup consisted of oil change and tire rotation. The recall was about some sensor in the passenger front seat. So you can feel safe now if you ride in my roller skate.
  • Managed not to call/inconvenience anyone to take me home/back to the dealership and instead relied on the dealership shuttle. I was the first off going to my house and the only one for the return trip. I was wearing my "grass cutting clothes," so I'm sure I made a great impression. Who cares - I was gettin' stuff done!
  • Installed two wall lamps next to the bed in the bedroom. I think I like them - I guess I'd better since they are screwed into the wall. Of course, once they were installed, I decided that I probably would have done them differently if I had them to do over. But if I had done them my do-over way the first time, then I would probably have second thoughts on that, too. I obviously need to attend a 7-Step Program for Do-Over-Achievers.
  • Put together some packages for some people and actually got them mailed. Hopefully with the correct things in the correct boxes with the correct addresses to the correct people. If not, surprise to the people that get the boxes!!
  • Made it to the bank with some checks to deposit before the checks expire. Or the people who wrote them write me and ask if I've received and/or cashed them. Nice to be solvent again.
  • Reconciled my checking account. Apparently (according to a daughter who shall remain nameless), I am the only remaining person in the world who actually reconciles a checking account. I once used a program that all I had to do was hit a button and it did it automatically, but that program and I had a tiff, and so I no longer trust the button procedure and do it myself on the program. Sure, the bank could tell me my balance, but the bank does not know what I just spent at Wal Mart. And I need to know my up-to-the-minute solvency.
  • Started sorting the Duplo/Lego collection that has started multiplying in my den. And then realized that the items I had chosen to sort them in are insufficient for the numbers of building blocks that I have. Which meant I would need to procure more sorting items. And possibly re-sort that which I have sorted. A dose of OCD, anyone?
  • Emptied the trash. Two days before trash day. Which means the family won't have the challenge of stacking the trash/recyclables as high as possible. And I won't have trash in the cans over the weekend.
  • Ordered a few things from Amazon. Which I might not have necessarily needed, but remembered that I had intended to purchase them. And I remembered them and was on a device on which I could contact Amazon. And so I ordered them. Whatever they were ...
So you can see that I had a very productive Wednesday. The good news is that there's still plenty of stuff to do tomorrow (and every day forever). Yippee??

Thankful today for: getting car serviced; nice shuttle drivers; packing boxes and getting them mailed; putting up new bedroom lamps; sorting Legos


Maribeth said...

You should name the daughter.

Luanne said...

Like I can remember which one it was ...

Maribeth said...

Molly always says mean things to you. It was probably her.

molly said...

It was me. I think she just forgot our names.