Friday, September 4, 2015

Fried Food Friday

So maybe it wasn't planned this way, but that's how it turned out. Today was early opening at California Adventure, so we started there. We rode Soarin' and Toy Story Mania (Molly whupped me on that one) and stopped by Starbucks on the way to Disneyland. Molly went to meet up with her Sparkle Skirts peeps (mainly because they were having donuts) and then met me for lunch. Or pre-lunch.

My castle - Sleeping Beauty Castle.
It's the diamond anniversary of the park.
That means there's a lot of stuff for purchase!!

Obligatory corn dog stop.
Because they're supposed to be the best.
And we've never sampled them.
Fried food #1 - we shared a dog.

We snagged a lunch reservation at Cafe Orleans.
And started with Pomme Frites.
Garlic french fries with dippin' sauce.
Another fried yummers!!

Fried entree. Actually two. Monte Cristo sammiches.
One was a regular Monte Cristo. The other was cheese on cheese.
One would have been enough for two.
But we didn't know this.
So we ordered one of each.

After having our yearly allotment of grease, we decided to return to our hotel. During the afternoon we returned to the expo to purchase more New Balance shoes for some of our female family and friends - how shall we transport eight pairs of shoes back to Nashville? I also had to return to the expo to get my photo made with my bib. And somewhere in between all those, I took a stroll to find a CVS to get a few supplies. We were going to finish the night by watching the "World of Color," but my legs were tired and I decided to skip it in order to give them a rest. Molly picked up dinner at Earl of Sandwich, and we took it easy. 10K tomorrow at 5:30am!!
Thankful today for: early opening and fun at California Adventure; cute cast member dude talking about Star Wars merch; texting with my BMs while sitting on a bench in front of the castle; fried foods with Molly; shoe shopping; searching for the CVS and nice check out lady; quiet night in the room

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