Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Poet Genes

My first poem went like this:

"Oh dear, or dread, here comes the kinfolk you dread,
If you had a choice, you'd rather be dead."

Clearly I was way ahead of my time, both in rhyme and in expressing my feelings about some impending guests. It now appears that another poet has surfaced in the family. According to her parents, Lindley has started writing poetry, and displayed it on her wall.

Clearly her first book will be entitled "Seasons"
And in case you don't read kindergarten, here's the translation:

A cold day
A cold day
Can be Cold
And it can 
The snow
is cold. I like
the snow
You can build
snow men
The snow is cold.

A rainy day
is a lot
of fun
You can
jump in puddles
You can hear
the rain fall
down and
you can
hear the shsh
of the rain

The hot
is hot
Sometimes the
hot sun can burn
you. It is hot
because it is 
hot. Sometimes it
is fun but
sometimes it
is not fun when
it is hot

This literary critic think these are amazing!  At least she didn't offend the relatives ...
Thankful today for: 90 minutes with Nikki at Massage Envy; dinner at the Doik with the family for Steve's bday; final decision on Christmas 2015 meal and category

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