Thursday, October 1, 2015

What The What??

I know I saw this at least once a month, but today is the first day of a new month??? How did that happen??? Where did last month go??? Why have I not lost the 739 pounds that I should have lost by now? How can it be (fill in name of month here) already?

Well, whether I am ready or not, it is officially October. Here's what I know about October ...
  • Pumpkin cheesecake will soon be on the menu at Cheesecake Factory
  • Fall started last month
  • Daylight Savings Time starts (or ends) next month
  • Today is Julie Andrew's birthday
  • I hate Halloween
  • I have no half-marathons this month
  • I should actually train for a half marathon this month
  • There is a lot of candy in the ding-dang stores right now
  • There is also a lot of Christmas merchandise in the stores
  • Leaves are falling in pretty colors
  • I'm glad I have a yard dude to suck up the falling leaves
  • It was cool weather today in Nashville
  • It will probably be a record high temperature next week in Nashville
  • There will be pumpkins on people's front door steps
  • There will be my cobwebs on my front door steps, and not because of Halloween
  • Oktoberfest happens in October, which is where you drink beer and misspell October
So there you have it. It's October, and if I don't hurry up and publish this, it's going to be November. And since that's Daylight Savings Time Change month, I'll be busy trying to figure out what time it is!!
Thankful today for: beautiful, cool weather; Cracker Barrel breakfast with KB (it was too wet to wog); J Alex lunch with Lynnette and Maribeth; brief stopover by Sam; getting ice cream with Steve; texting with Lynnette, Maribeth, and Molly

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