Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Road Trip!!

It's time to get on the road again. I mean, I've been in town for quite some time. This trip is to Dollywood (because I'm a convert) and we're staying at Dolly's resort, Dream More. We're pretty pumped up about it - at least those of us who are going (well, maybe we're ALL not all that pumped up - but those people are going anyway). Anyhow, today the first wave would head out (more about that later). That first wave consisted of me, Maribeth, Everley, and Lindley.

The plan was pretty simple. Maribeth and I would load her mini-van with the suitcases and big box of snacks for the girls. Then we would pick up Everley from her school and then Lindley from her school. Pretty simple plan, right?  Sure, except for this is Davidson travel.

The first blip was Maribeth's jeep. She had loaded it full this week with items that she had planned to take to the dump yesterday. Except that yesterday after loading the jeep, she couldn't get it started. She decided to try again today, except that it still wouldn't start. So this morning she called AAA to come and jump start it (we sorta were going to attempt to jump start it yesterday, but Maribeth chickened out, since we were going to use her mini-van for the startee). Anyhow, AAA said they would be there by 1:15, which would fit in with our kid-picking-up schedule. Except that AAA didn't show up until closer to 2:00. Which meant Maribeth would still have to make a trip to the dump to dump the stuff. Which caused a problem, since I needed to be in the pickup line for Lindley by 2:30, in order to avoid the traffic jam at her school. Which meant that I would have to pick up Everley after Lindley, and then go to Maribeth's house to pick her up. Which meant our schedule was out of whack. Our main goal was to get our of Nashville before the crazies left work and created all kinds of rush hour traffic.

AAA Dude jumped Maribeth's car and got it started and Maribeth headed for the dump. I got in line before the pickup rush and retrieved Lindley and then retrieved Everley. We went to Maribeth's and loaded her in the van (the dump run was complete and successful) and headed to Dolly's place. After only two stops, we pulled in and checked in. And it was great!  The rooms have a king-sized bed and a bunk bed, which was very exciting to the girls. Mathieu got to the hotel about the same time we did (he was visiting his sister in North Carolina), and soon it was time for bed.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, here's the Davidson ins and outs for the week:
     Wednesday - Mathieu, Maribeth, Everley, Lindley, and I get to the hotel
     Thursday - Sam arrives
     Friday - Maribeth and Mathieu leave to return to Nashville for work and Molly and Adam arrive
     Saturday - everybody who's here stays here
     Sunday - everybody who's here leaves to return to Nashville

And the hotel rooms?  We have three. And I will be sleeping in all three, mainly because of the comings and goings.  It's going to be a great weekend!!
Thankful today for AAA Dude who started Maribeth's jeep and the Dump Dude who helped her unload all her stuff; safe travel to Pigeon Forge; great rooms close to the lobby; Mathieu's safe travel to Pigeon Forge

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