Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Day 3 - St. Maarten

Today we arrived in St. Maarten. We didn't have any plans to go ashore or any excursions planned, so we just stayed on the ship and enjoyed the quiet. I actually got in the adult pool and hot tub this morning and pretty much had both to myself. So far I've read 3 books on this cruise - a biography about a love affair between Audrey Hepburn and William Holden, a story about a fictional old lady named Harriet Chance, and a book about some 20-something video blogger. None of these books have been great - but at least I've read something. Now I'm starting the book, "The Martian" which is the book the movie of the same name is about - you know, the one with Matt Damon.

Anyhow, today has been pretty quiet. Tonight Everley returned to the kids club while Maribeth and I dined at Palo, which is much more preferable to my idea of fancy eats. We were very well fed and attended to by Amanda, who also served the Bridesmaids Reunion back in August. Tonight was also pirate night and fireworks, but by the time the fireworks went off, I was pretty much asleep. But isn't that what one does on a cruise?

Thankful today for: quiet day on the ship while every one else was off the ship; alone time in the hot tub and pool; reading actual books; Palo dinner with Maribeth and Amanda

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