Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Day 4 - St. Thomas

Today we docked in St. Thomas. We get cell service here, so I got to chat with Steve early this morning (he's in Fresno, so who knows what the time difference was). Anyhow, he seems to be having as much fun golfing as I am doing nothing. It was another quiet day as most of the cruisers got off the boat and we didn't. We swam and ate and read, and I watched the movie "Ant Man," which I will say was okay. And that's how today went - another great day in port!!

Beautiful St. Thomas!

A little lunch after swimming in the pool.

The only way to properly eat a Mickey Bar!

Princess Tiana meets Baby Princess Tiana. And Everley!!
Introducing Baby Princess Tiana to the Mouse himself!!
Thankful today for: quiet day in port; swimming and eating with Everley; Princess Tiana meeting Baby Tiana

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