Monday, October 5, 2015

Not By The Hair On My Chinny-Chin-Chin

Well, maybe so. I mean, it was getting to the point that I was going to have only two choices when I joined the circus - bearded lady or fat lady. And since getting the hairs off my chin would be much quicker than the other, I headed for the laser lady. And yes, I could tweeze, pluck, shave, wax, Nair, Epilady, and Nono my hairs away, but having been there, done that, I was totally done with it all.

I had been to laser lady several years ago and was happy with the results. Basically, you go for the initial visit and then go a couple more times to clean the area up, and then you should be good. Sorta like a good diet - you get it looking good and consider yourself cured and let life go on - until your waist button pops and you have enough hair on your chin to braid and bead it.

Anyhow, back to the laser lady. As I said, I have been there before. I went back when she would slather some goo on your chin and get out the Star Wars laser gun and zap the hair holes, thus killing the little dark suckers. Then she would swab off the goo and off you would go until you saw a few more little dark suckers and returned for a repeat laser performance.

I did this for awhile until I felt like my chin was smooth as a baby's bottom (well, not really, but it was better than a crazy hairy chin witch lady). Slowly, hair seeds found new hair holes and found some fertile epidermis for growing. It started as all yucky things do - a hair here, a hair there which were easily tweezed or shaved away. And then the hair reunion got started and they all started meeting up and mating and soon I had a hair party going on. And I used all the methods stated above until finally I declared martial law and made a laser appointment for today.

It all took about five minutes. The goo portion of the treatment is gone - I'm not sure why but I'm fine with it. And the laser wand seems to have been reduced in size. But the zapping still feels the same - like a tiny rubber band snapping your face (just in case you've never been zapped). But it's over soon and although there might be a tiny bit of evidence of hair warfare, I was out the door. I'll do a careful inspection for the next several weeks, as I don't want any stray hairs to think they are still welcome. I'll return as I deem necessary to keep my bearded lady job opportunities null and void. So you can mark me down as an advocate for laser hair removal. At least until you bring up the b words - bikini and Brazilian. For those, I shall be elsewhere. As in far, far away. There are some tricks this old dog doesn't want to learn!
Thankful today for: laser with Kelly; Everley time; beautiful fall day

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