Monday, October 19, 2015

And We're Back ...

After a swell weekend at Dolly's, life begins again at LaLa's. Lindley's fall break continued into today, so she spent the day with me - lazing around and doing nothing. This week I'm also on early morning Everley bus duty. So today I got the pleasure of being around both girls! By the time Lynnette arrived to pick up Lindley, she (that would be Lindley not Lynnette) had had a bath and a trip to pick up KB from the airport. Which leads me to that story ...

KB had spent the weekend in Texas visiting family and was due back today. I volunteered to pick her up at the airport, because that's what we do. She texted me and told me she would be getting in at 4:05pm. I looked at the SW schedule and took note of the flight. It had a stop in New Orleans, which I thought was odd, but then decided it was probably a good deal and that's why KB chose it. And so Lindley and I headed to the airport to pick up KB. I looked on Flight Aware and saw that her plane had landed.

Except that I didn't hear from KB. I got no texts saying she had landed, or if she had a checked bag, or where she wanted to be picked up. I texted her, but got no response. So I called her, but she didn't answer. I circled the airport a couple of times, but no KB. So I called her again and left a message. Still no answer. So I circled a few more times and waited some more in the cell lot. I wondered what was going on - and of course I had several scenarios:

  1. KB was dead or severely injured and on her way to another location like the hospital
  2. KB's phone was dead and she couldn't receive and/or answer my messages/calls.
  3. KB left her phone in Texas.
  4. KB lost her phone.
  5. Because KB's phone was dead, even if she used somebody else's phone, she could not call/text me because she doesn't know my phone number (as I do not know hers, since all I do to call/text her is click on her name).
  6. Several, if not all, of the above were true, and she had waited long enough and was in an Uber headed to her house, if she wasn't there already.
Finally at 4:45 I texted MB and asked her how long I should wait. She suggested waiting five more minutes. Luckily Lindley had fallen asleep at some point on the ride to the airport, so she was asleep most of the time. Except for maybe the final 10 minutes of the excursion. When she started wondering what the heck was going on.

Anyhow, just about the time I was going to leave and give up (and due to God's perfect timing), I get a text from KB saying that she had landed and was taxiing to the jetway. But how? Her flight had landed 45 minutes ago? Like Lindley, I started wondering what the heck was going on.

And then I checked the ENTIRE flight schedule. Apparently there were two flights from Houston that landed at 4:05 - one with a stop and one nonstop. And KB was on the nonstop. That was late. And so the moral of this story is to get the flight number next time. And maybe make sure that we memorize each other's phone numbers ...
Thankful today for: a day with Lindley; picking up KB at the airport

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