Monday, October 26, 2015

Day 2 - Another Sea Day!

Today on our agenda was brunch at Remy - the fancy schmancy eating establishment across from Palo. The cuisine is French, as evidenced by the naming of the restaurant, which is named for a certain little chef mouse of French descent. I've eaten here a few times over the years. This time Maribeth wanted to eat brunch there, since she hadn't before, so I agreed. Luckily Everley took to the kids clubs, so a few hours spent there while we fine dined, was not going to be a problem.

Maribeth and I put on our fancy duds (well, fancy to us) and headed to the fancy eatin' place. We checked in and were directed to wait at the bar until the rest of our eating cohorts arrived. There was an interesting little incident when one woman and two men arrived (they were a group). Apparently the woman had on a pair of flip flop-like shoes. She was asked to go change them, as they were inappropriate for brunch. She was confused, because she said (out loud for everyone to hear) that since they were leather, she thought the shoes would be acceptable. They were not, so she went back to her cabin and changed shoes - and her entire outfit. Luckily me and Maribeth had on our fancy shoes, so we were okay (and the shoe police did give our shoes the once-over as he left).

Anyhow, once everyone had been pronounced fit to eat, the group of 10 of us were herded into the restaurant. First we were told a little bit of the theme of the restaurant and then shown two bottles of super-expensive wine. Which I will never drink for a variety of reasons. Next we were taken into the wine and cheese or something room where everyone was given a glass of champagne and a plate of shaved meat. Which we were supposed to drink and eat while we got a lecture on champagne. And the different kinds of champagnes we could taste if we wanted to fork over an additional $30. We didn't. Once we were all champagne educated, each group was led to their individual tables. We got to eat in the fancy back dining room. Although maybe we were out there so the nice folks wouldn't see us. Whatever ..

Anyhow, out waiter Jacques Cousteau (or whatever it was - he spoke with a French accent and I barely understand English) started bringing out the courses. I think there were five of them. Each of them was lovely and fancy. And pretty much wasted on me, as I would be just as excited to see a plate with a hot dog and French fries (it's all French to me). Eventually we finished and paid the man and left - our fancy dining experience in the books.

We picked up Everley and spent the rest of the day having fun around the ship. Tomorrow we arrive in St Maarten!

Some people get breakfast in bed. And others keep on a-sleepin'!!
Thankful today for: Everley having fun in kids club; brunch at Remy with MB; other people's stories;

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