Friday, October 16, 2015

Dollywod - Day 2

Today would be Sam's first time at Dollywood - and learning about the differences between Dollywood and Disney World. We compared the two and came up with the following:
     *Median age is much older at Dollywood.
     *Percentage of children (at least on the week day) is much smaller
     *People using ECVs actually have medical reasons (like old age) for using them
     *The pace is much less frenzied here

There are a lot of other differences, and they all go to a relaxed day at the park. There are five roller coasters (not that I will ever ride them) and some other thrill-type rides (or so I heard) but there are also small playgrounds and kiddie rides. This time at Dollywood is the National Southern Gospel and Harvest Celebration. That means there are several venues with gospel groups and lots of kiosks with craftspeople selling their wares. The weather was great - a little cool - and it made for a great day.

Fun at the playground at Dream More
Sam's first trolley ride to Dollywood!!

Lots of fun pumpkins - so maybe everybody didn't want a photo made ...

Today was face-painting day.
And a tiger is born!!
Thankful today for: Sam's initial visit to Dollywood; lunch at Backstage and fried green tomatoes and pimento cheese; Maribeth and Mathieu's safe travel home; Adam and Molly's safe travel to Pigeon Forge; dinner plans gone awry

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