Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sea Day!! Again!!

I have to say that I love sea days. Sure, port days are nice when everyone is off the ship and I stay on, but I love moving on the water. Today the water was so smooth, it was like glass. Truly beautiful!

Maribeth and I planned to brunch at Palo this morning, but Everley got up and decided that not only was she not going to the kids club, but that she and Maribeth were going to spend the morning in the room. No problem - Amanda was more than happy to bring me all the food for brunch! I did manage to eat in moderation (for Palo, anyway), and left quite content.

The rest of the day was spent napping, reading, and going to the pool, until it was time for Everley's Bippity Boppity Boop. For those of you who are uninformed, this is where your kids can go to the beauty salon and get all princess-ed up. We weren't sure how she was going to take this - but as it turned out, she LOVED it!!  Afterwards, she and Maribeth went to the Princess Tea Party and had a great time. We decided to skip dinner in the main dining room and just eat at the quick service places around the ship.  Tomorrow is our last day, and it's at Castaway Cay!!

On the way to get Everley booped, we saw Captain Hook.
Everley was not impressed ...

Everley choosing her hairstyle. Bonita is the booper.

Of course Everley choose the poofy hairstyle.
And then needed to get the Merida dress after seeing another girl get one.
Here she is getting her nails done. Makeup is next.
Everley has made her wish, and Bonita is sprinkling fairy dust to make it come true!

The first time Everley saw herself - I think she was pretty pleased!!

Everley seeing Bonita again at the tea party!
We love Bonita!!  Maybe next time we'll get the matching shoes ...

Sunset on the smooth seas.

Hard to believe that we were moving!!
Thankful today for: Amanda and Palo brunch; Bonita and Bippity Boppity; beautiful ocean and sunset

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