Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Some Days I Get It Right ...

But not often.

Over the many years of my life, I have sought to get just the right thing. Sometimes it was television stands. You know, to get just the right one to hold the television, and in later years, the cable box, the VCR, the DVD player, the sound equipment, the container for the 600 remotes, etc. We have been through several modes of the television stand. And even mounting the television on the wall hasn't helped - there still has to be something to hold all the extra stuff above, plus the apple tv (whatever that is), the Roku (again, what is that), and probably something else that I don't know what it is but someone in the family had determined that we absolutely need it to supplement the 8 bazillion channels that we already get on the cable (now where is THAT remote?).

And then there was the issue of the desk. Which was pretty simple when you just needed to put your slate and slate pencil on it. And then there was your Trapper Keeper and your multi-color pen. And then it was your TI 2500 calculator (I won't include the adding machine, because that required the entire kitchen table). Computers were invented, and we went from a simple desk to a computer desk that would house all those components - which were big. We had some desks that folded back up into a wardrobe, some that wouldn't hold anything (therefore needing an additional piece of furniture to hold stuff), and many desks that looked like something out of "Mad Men."

However, today I have been vindicated of all that looking and purchasing and subsequent purging. Today I am talking about my never ending search for a cat-scratching devise that my cats will actually use. In the past, I have bought every and any kind of scratch inducer (as well as litter boxes, but that's another story). And all cat scratchers have been the same fate - no cat scratches and eventual banishment to Goodwill or the current yard sale. Instead, my cats have preferred to scratch the corners of whatever furniture I decided to put in the living room. You know, the room where the "good" couch and chairs are supposed to be, so that you have nice furniture for when the "good company" come over (which apparently I don't ever have, as nobody ever sits in there). Anyhow, with my couch and chair corners in tatters, I decided to go one more time and bought a new scratcher. And apparently the cats like it. At least they use it. Maybe because I doused with with kitty marijuana (catnip). Who cares - they are using it instead of the old un-tattered furniture that I put in the living room to replace the tattered, just in case I develop some new "good company" who (a) actually comes over, and (b) decides to sit a spell in the living room.

I like to get it right, even if it happens once in an eon ...
Thankful today for: Goozy with Maribeth and Lynnette; quiet evening at home

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