Sunday, October 25, 2015

Day 1 - Sea Day!

Today we had a lot on our agenda. First up was the character breakfast (back after a hiatus) with the Disney Junior characters. After that it was the Castaway Club reception, followed by family crafts of making door hangers. By then it was time for lunch and then a little down time in the room before seeing the Princesses and Anna and Elsa. Everley had some fun in the kids club and before we knew it, dinner time! Then Everley wanted to play in the kids club some more (face painting and a Pluto Pajama Party were on the menu), so Maribeth and I watched “Jurassic World” and “Terminator Genisys”, both movies which needed a lot of discussion and explanation, which Maribeth was not interested in providing. Anyhoo, eventually Everley decided to leave the kids club, and it was time for bed. Tomorrow is another sea day!!
Princess Sofia is a good way to start breakfast!

Jake telling Everley a secret.

Doc McStuffins!!

And then there's the Mouse himself!

Introducing Minnie to Baby Tiana.

And a photo of all three!

Little girl, big goblet - of apple juice!

Making a Halloween door hanger
Thankful today for: fun character breakfast with Disney Junior; Everley having fun in the kids club; Castaway Cay treats; making door hangers with Everley

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Marilyn said...

Hope all are having a wonderful time!