Saturday, October 17, 2015

Dollywood - Day 3

Today we would introduce Molly and Adam to Dollywood. Once everyone was up, we all boarded the trolley and headed to the park. Once there, we secured the "Pass the Line" thingy for Adam and Molly so they could pass the lines and we parted ways. Sam and I took the girls to the playgrounds and let them dip candles (one of the things kids can do here) and headed back to the hotel for lunch. Molly and Adam stayed to ride all the coasters and things.

Yesterday we tried to eat dinner around 6pm after Molly and Adam got in. However, it was also the exact moment that Dollywood closed for the night, as the wait for where we wanted to eat was ninety minutes. We ended up back at the hotel, eating food at the quick service place. Today we had a better plan - we would all go out to eat around 4pm. Our goal was the Paula Dean restaurant, which is at "The Island" which is a dining/shopping area. Adam and Molly got back to the hotel around 3:30pm and we headed to the restaurant - only to find out the wait for 2 hours. So much for Paula. We shopped around a bit and Sam found us a place to eat. Afterwards, there was a ferris wheel ride, and then back to the hotel for some late-night swimming. Another great day in Pigeon Forge!!

Pork skins - ok. Ranch flavored pork skins - I don't think so.

More playground fun at Dream More.

Baby owl at Dollywood!

Nice posture - and then she told me, "NO PICTURES!!"

We actually got into a restaurant - after only 15 minutes - and managed to get a selfie with the selfie stick!

Ferris Wheel fun - somebody had to stay on the ground to take pictures!

Somebody wanted a warm fuzzy blanket to sleep with - and my jacket seemed to fit the bill!
Thankful today for: Dollywood fun; finally eating at a restaurant and having pimento cheese and huge potato skins; ferris wheel fun

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