Friday, October 23, 2015


That would be my number on my boarding pass. Because I didn't choose early bird check in. Which means not only do I board after all the pre-boards and the 60 A's, but also after all the families that have kids under four years old. Oh, and after Bs 1-30.

So how did that translate in today's flight? I walked down the aisle, foolishly looking for a window seat. Once I could clearly see that I was nearly to the rear bathroom, I decided to take the first available seat - a middle between a woman at the window and a man on the aisle. The man had nothing to say. The woman had plenty to say - to her toddler who was sitting behind her with the dad or grandpa or some other family member. The toddler was not in favor of sitting down or staying on the plane - at some point the mom said, "You can not get off the plane because you will fall down through the sky to the ground." Yeah, I like hearing things like that.

Anyhow, the flight started off wavy - not really bumpy but more like side to side. Or maybe it's because we were in the back. Whatever - I was in the middle in the back with a toddler who wanted off the plane. Eventually God found us some smooth air and I read four magazines and the flight went fast. We landed in Orlando and I checked into our hotel. Maribeth and Everley arrive later tonight - tomorrow we board the ship!!
Thankful today for: finishing tasks at home before leaving; Molly bringing lunch and taking me to the airport; curbside bag check since inside check was a mess; TSA Pre; quesadillas for dinner 

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