Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Holiday FYI

  • There are 74 days until Christmas Day (in case you haven't started your shopping - or your Christmas list)
  • There are 85 days left until 2016 (let me see, a pound a day until then should get me on my weight-loss track)
  • Doikmas details have been decided. But you'll have to wait several months until you are let in on those details. Unless you are planning to attend and are not presently on the list.
  • "Make It" is not on my list this year. Thank goodness. Until I open my Etsy shop (which will be determined on my handcrafting talent which I must first determine what that handcrafting talent is and then perfect it), there will be no making gifts. At least that's my story right now. Because when has lack of talent prevented me from making gifts?
  • It looks like I will have to be manning a bowl of candy this year for Halloween. Because Lindley and Everley will be out obtaining candy. And I have to set a good example. Now the dilemma exists - good candy or yucky candy or some other form of treat? Where is that Oriental Trading catalog and how long does it take to deliver?
  • Technically on Halloween I will be out of town that morning. But hopefully will be back in town by that evening. Yay me and yay Halloween (not really).
  • Technically on Thanksgiving I will be in town in the early morning but out of town the rest of the day. Which means I won't be cooking a huge Thanksgiving lunch or dinner. Nor will I be participating in any length of a Turkey Trot. Yay to all three.
  • Back in my teaching days, I had enough Christmas sweaters/sweatshirt/shirts/blouses/jumpers that I could wear one every day until Christmas break. I now have one t-shirt - maybe two. Is this a win or a lose? And your answer probably depends on whether we are related or worked together.
That's all the holiday information I know for now. Besides, I need to go find that catalog and google some etsy stuff. Happy holiday seasons everyone!!

Thankful today for: safe travel of Ogles to Nashville; Steve's pork chops on the grill for dinner

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