Friday, October 2, 2015

Movie Review Time!!

So I haven't been to many movies lately. My movie pass expired, so I had to renew and get moving again. Still haven't gotten back into the swing, but with so many movies coming out, I hope to get going again. That being said, here are the latest movies I've seen ...

"The Intern." Starring Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway. And the dude who was in the "Pitch Perfect" movies and is now on "Modern Family." And Rene Russo. Anne Hathaway owns her own clothing company - something about ordering stuff online. She also has a husband who gave up his marketing job to be a stay-at-home dad to their little girl. Anne's company started a new program for old people to be interns, and Robert DeNiro got hired. But Anne doesn't want him to be her intern. But he is anyway. And slowly she figures out how valuable she is. There's some family drama along the way and Robert's character coming out of his shell. And Anne's company needing a man to be the head dude. The movie was sweet, it was cute, and it was funny. It might have sagged a little bit in the middle, but picked back up. The only part I didn't like was the very end - it just seemed to stop, when I wanted a little bit more closure. It was totally worth seeing.

"Everest." Starring Jake Gyllenhall and James Brolin's son and some other actors that I've probably seen in other movies but don't really remember their names. Basically, it's about a group who were going to climb Everest, and not all of them made it. Or made it back down. If you like spoilers, you can google the real story and know what actually happens. And then read some more about Everest and the controversies that surround expeditions up the mountain. As I was watching, I thought that I could understand people who want to do this. And then as the group started experiencing the situations that happen when one attempts to scale Everest, my thoughts changed. As to how in the heck can anybody do this. There's a lot of snow and anguish and tears and freezing and black frost-bit body parts. It was good, but I think I would prefer a real-life documentary on the subject. Maybe it will inspire you to go scale Everest. Especially if you have nothing else to do. Me - I need to see more movies.
Thankful today for: going to see "Everest"; lazy rainy day; Steve's safe travel to Texas

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