Saturday, October 24, 2015

Embarkation Day!!

This morning we got up and ate breakfast and headed for the bus (conveniently located at the airport). Along with the 60 billion other cruisers who are on our cruise. Including the family behind us, well make that three families with a total of 92 children, all of whom are crazy-excited and none of whom get along with the others. No matter – we’re going on a Disney cruise!

We finally arrive at the port, and see a strange sight – two Disney ships in port!! For those of who cruise Disney, you know what a rare sight that it. For one thing, all Disney ships going out of Port Canaveral are staggered so that only one ship goes out on a particular day. And if two ships were trying to leave on the same day, that would mean trying to load 8000 people on boats. And just trying to load 4000 on one day is a big enough undertaking – as we would soon find out. Anyhow, the mystery was solved when we found out that the Dream (the other larger, newer ship) had just returned from drydock and would be sailing again on Monday.

We got off the boat and joined the rest of the world checking in. Eventually we made it on the boat, into our room to dump off our stuff, and down to lunch. Then Everley and Maribeth checked out the kids club while I examined the details of our room – like the couch and the bed. We attended the mandatory life boat drill (our muster station is inside the big theater, which I guess is a good/bad thing if the ship actually goes down) and then looked around until dinner. The best thing about dinner is that we have a table to ourselves – no awkward conversations with complete strangers.

After dinner, we shopped around a bit, Maribeth and Everley returned to the kids club, and I returned to the room for some more room inspection. Eventually we all ended up in bed for a great nights sleep – the boat was doing a bit of rocking and soon lulled me to sleep. Bon Voyage!!

The Dream on the left and the Fantasy on the right
Everley gets her steak cut up - while watching Crush talk to her!
And then finishes off with a Mickey bar - no help needed for that!!

Thankful today for: great bus ride to the port; seeing both the Dream and the Fantasy in port; great dining servers; seeing Amanda from Palo (our pal from the August cruise); great room and staff; a great night’s sleep!!

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