Friday, October 9, 2015

When You Give A Kid A Cupcake ...

I might offer the following suggestions:

  1. Perhaps supervision would be advisable.
  2. Perhaps a lesson in proper cupcake-eating manners would be in store.
  3. Be prepared for a debate on the merits of having cupcake icing all over one's hands, versus having clean hands. Be prepared to lose this debate.
  4. Have the stepstool to the kitchen sink already in place, as well as hand soap, a scrub brush, a sponge, a wash cloth, handi-wipes, and a roll of paper towels. These will all be needed.
  5. Pre-think this experience next time and consider cutting the cupcake up first, handing the kid a fork, discussing the consequences of getting icing on one's hands, and possibly entertain the thought of installing surgical gloves on the kid in question.
And in the end, forget all of the above when you give her a cupcake the following week.
Thankful today for: Everley sleepover; Puffy Muffin lunch with Moo and Everley; RT delivery of new shirts

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