Monday, September 7, 2015

Happy Labor Day!!

Since I had to do laundry last night (because packed, damp, sweaty clothes are no picnic if you let them stew for a few days), I actually got unpacked. Which gave me a good start to today - trying to figure out what day it is and what else I need to be doing.

Steve is bringing up GDizzle for the week, but I got his bed ready before I left. I invited the family over for dinner, so I guess I'd better start thinking about that, which means a grocery store run. There's also a bunch of other stuff that needs attention - maybe I need to make a list for that. It's always nice to have a lot of options.

I'm just glad to be back home.

Thankful today for: Steve and Gdiz's safe travel to Nashville; family dinner with chocolate pies; Lindley and Everley time

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