Monday, September 28, 2015

Back In The Swing of Things

After yesterday's fun road trip and last night's fun wallet-airport escapade, one would think that today would be a zero day. Well, one would be wrong.

Maribeth's new bed was being delivered this morning and I had her sheets, so I was on call for when she was ready to get the bed ready for sleeping. I ended up going over after lunch and then we ended up making a Wal-Mart run for a few more items. But I think they all will have a good night's sleep tonight!

I also had an appointment with my dermatologist to get a few things checked out. There was my eternal small cyst on my back that a masseuse thought he would "work on" awhile ago. His "work" did nothing but cause me consternation and grossed everybody else out, so I decided to get it completely removed by someone qualified with a knife. I also have a wart/mole on my ankle that I manage to cut every time I shave my legs (okay, so maybe not that often) and decided to have that looked at. And then there's my eternal mole that really hasn't changed that I've had forever on my collarbone. I showed Dr. Derm all those, and a wart on my hand. He put the freezing compound on the wart and told me to come back in two weeks so he could slice off the others. He did say that I had not sun damaged my skin - so I guess my pasty white complexion has some benefits!

Other than that, it was a typical post-vacation Monday - unpacking, laundry, bill paying, and the other catch-up stuff. Welcome back to the real world!

Thankful today for: seeing Dr. Derm after many years; MB's new bed and Wal-Marting; getting a few things accomplished

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