Friday, October 10, 2014


Today I made several airport runs to take and/or pick up people.  For once an airport run did not involve my packing a suitcase or getting on a plane.  And for that, at this time, I am particularly grateful.

Even though I am not a fan of flying in airplanes, I do like airports.  I like watching other passengers and wonder about their stories.  I wonder why they're there, where they're going, and what's waiting for them at the end of their flights.  I wonder if they like flying.  I look at the pilots and wonder if they're having a good day. which I hope will result in my having a good flight.  For me, the airport is like a giant storybook, full of open-ended stories.

Sometimes I'll talk to fellow travelers and get their story.  If the people are going to Disney, I ask about their vacation plans, sometimes putting in a word or two (although I do try to constrain myself - really).  Sometimes fellow travelers will talk to me - like the woman who took a nap during takeoff and then asked if she snored and seemed rather surprised when I said she didn't. Sometimes we don't talk at all, and just wonder about each other.

It's always fun to land in Orlando and watch the people there.  You will see people just arriving, full of excitement with huge grins.  And then you'll see the people who are leaving, full of fatigue and sporting tired smiles - and carrying Disney shopping bags.

But the best part of airports is watching the people who are waiting for those flying in.  The anticipation on their faces is palpable, erupting into utter joy when their person walks through security.  Those are the stories I like the most, because I know whether that traveler is coming or going, I know they're actually truly home.
Today is a gift because:  Airport runs for Lynnette, Lindley, KB, and Sam; Lindley and Everley time; Everley spending the night

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