Sunday, October 5, 2014

And I'm Back On The Boat ...

Yes, I'm on another cruise.  Yes, I'm on another Disney cruise (whaddaya mean, there's other cruise lines?).  Again, I'm only on these cruises because of other people (whaddaya mean - you don't buy that?).

This cruise is our Three Amigos reunion cruise.  Except that it's actually a Three Amigos Plus One cruise (did you think Molly would allow herself to be left out?  I think not!).  My pals Emily (who lives in North Carolina) and Jeanne (who lives in Florida) try to get together every so often.  Our last reunion was two years ago, when we cheered on the 3-Day Walkers in Tampa (where Jeanne lives). This time we decided to do a Disney cruise (wondered who suggested that).  Since Emily and Jeanne had never been on a Disney cruise (although they had been on others), it seemed like a nice way to reunion.

Jeanne came over yesterday with her husband Ken and spent the night, so this morning the three of us (that would be Molly, Jeanne, and me - Ken had to return home) headed for Port Canaveral, where we met up with Emily.  We timed it just right, because once we had checked in, it was time to board the ship.  And eat lunch! And order the first drink of the day! And tour the ship! And get rainforest room passes! And find our rooms! And take a nap!

Let the reunion begin!!

Today is a gift because: fun ride to the port and meeting up with Emily; all things Disney Dream; meeting up with Cheryl and Camille at dinner and our server Chris

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