Friday, October 24, 2014

Nosing Around Online

I'll admit it - I love a good story.  I prefer real-life stories because I find them worthy of touching my heart. So the question for today is - where is the line between nosy and getting in someone else's business versus concerned about someone else's welfare, when it comes to people you don't know?

Here's the situation.  I am a Facebook stalker (I think I've already covered that). I'll be perusing my Facebook, and I'll see where a friend has liked or commented on somebody's page that I don't know. So then I just scoot over to that page (if it's open for anybody to read) and catch up on this new stranger's situation. And if I really enjoy that stranger's situation, I'll bookmark it and keep going back to it.

However, I do not know these people personally or directly. Many of them have relatives with medical issues, and I return to read to see if they've gotten better - or not. And it's not just with Facebook - I do the same if someone references somebody's blog. I read as if it's a news story or a chapter book. I often pray for the person, sometimes because I feel guilty about cyber-peeping, but mostly because his or her story does indeed touch my heart.

The difficult decision is when a Facebook page suddenly goes to "closed." Then I have to decide if I'm going to "join" the group or not. Join a stranger's group, someone who doesn't know me in the least, who wants to join their page so she can read more about them.

I don't know if it's concern that I feel for these people, or if I am simply enjoying their story. I feel a tad bit guilty, but I feel antsy not knowing if the person came through the surgery, or is breathing without a tube, or can feel their legs again.

So I have to wonder if I'm just being a nosy voyeur or not. On the other hand though, if it allows me to feel compassion and then pray for another person in need, is that maybe why I was led to that person in the first place?
Today is a gift because: I got Everley and Lindley dressed, fed, and to day care; bloodletting at the Red Cross; 

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