Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Davidson Family Trio

Once upon a time, our family had a singing group.  We traveled from gig to gig in our horse and buggy, because we lived off the land and did not want to contribute to the carbon footprint. We home-schooled and made our own clothes and planted a garden in another wagon that was pulled by our cow Bessie, who gave us fresh milk every day. Wait - that was a television program that I saw on TLC last week. The actual story of this picture is that it was taken during the picture-taking part of Sam and Lynnette's wedding. Do these three sing? No they do not. Do they play musical instruments? That would also be a no. But it certainly would have made for a great publicity picture.

My children have always been great at taking group pictures. Like the Christmas that I told them I wanted a group picture of them. They were teenagers and hadn't had a group picture made in years. So they went to JC Penneys and had some legitimate ones made. And then there was the one they made with props, which were actually items of clothing found in our house. Like in my closet ... This probably could have been a publicity picture for some TLC show like "We Dun Growed Up." Although I'm not sure why Molly does not seem to be participating in the fun ...

Anyhow, my favorite picture will probably always be the first one - when Molly came home from the hospital. None of us had any idea of the life that lay before us. There would be good times and bad times and happy times and sad times. But the thing we knew for sure is that we were a family. Now that's a great publicity picture!

Today is a gift because: picking up Lindley at school; December trip planning

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