Wednesday, October 1, 2014

What Lies Beneath The Couch??

For the past few returns to my house lately, I would walk in to a different "aroma" in my den. Nothing horribly terrible, but also not something extremely pleasing.  It was something akin to the smell of spoiled food (think leftovers way too leftover or days-old milk left in a cup somewhere).  I had not been able to identify any smell culprits, but remained convinced there was something afoot.

So today I had to do the inevitable - look in earnest for the source.  And that meant moving the couch sectional apart and away from the wall.  Of course, even that probably would have been avoided, except that last night, when Sam became aware of my iPhone plight, his comment was, "Are you sure it's not in the couch?"  Of course I was sure, just like I was sure that I had not left it in the refrigerator when I got Lindley some milk.  However, just like I checked the refrigerator anyway, I needed to check the couch. And so I did.

About an hour later, and many Swiffer wipes, and several vacuum cleaner container dumps, and a lot of sweeping and picking up of crayons, crackers, giblets of various types, and lots of other grossness too gross to mention, the couch was back in place.  No offending odor-creator was found, but neither was my iPhone. Thank goodness.

Since I am leaving tomorrow, I will not know if cleaning/mopping under the couch has remedied the aroma dilemma in the den. But at least I know what parts of the den are clean.  Now, if somebody will just claim the earbuds I found - or maybe they might not want to ...
Today is a gift because: picking up Steve at work; thinking about packing but doing other stuff instead; cleaning under the den couch

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