Monday, October 6, 2014


Today we are in Nassau.  Usually I don't get off in Nassau, since I've already been here several times. But today Emily, Jeanne, and I decided to get off the boat.  Of course, after a little rainforest room time ...

I didn't take this picture - I stole it from Cheryl,
who is an excellent photographer, which I am not.
We planned to go to the straw market, which I thought was right off the ship (it isn't). We then decided to wander about town, and eventually ended up at the real straw market. There were many vendors there, many selling straw bags (hence the straw market).  Of course I bought two with Elsa and Anna stitched on them (just in case I never return to the straw market, at least I can say I have been there/bought that).  After wandering around there, we found our way back to the boat. Our biggest entertainment (if you can call it that) was observing the profoundly drunk young woman attempt to walk back to the ship (which we hoped was the Carnival cruise ship docked beside ours). We were pleased that she was able to walk (or perhaps led/carried) to the nearest trash can, where she deposited possibly much of the contents of her stomach.

Cheryl also took this picture.  I probably owe
her some picture-using royalties ...
Anyhow, once back on the boat, we found Molly and then found the drinks of the day. We also found Camille and Cheryl and had some quality time by the pool.  Which may or may not have included french fries.  Because drinks of the day are always better with french fries? There was probably some rainforest room time and napping before the evening show and dinner. Somebody might even have a massage scheduled ...

Tomorrow is Castaway Cay.  Rain is predicted, but I'm hoping it stays away. So far, it's been a great reunion!!


Today is a gift because: finding the straw market in Nassau; Chris at dinner; chatting by the pool

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