Monday, October 27, 2014

Cat People

Because I am so horribly behind, I'm going to devote the next several days to photo essays.  In other words, I will be posting photos and perhaps the story behind them. Or at least what I can remember. Or maybe even a fabricated one. Nevertheless, I will get caught up ...

Today's exhibit is why we are cat people and not dog people (although we crossed over to dog people later in life. Well, sort of. Maybe that will be a photo essay later this week).

The photos below are of our cats from about 25 years ago. Their names might have been Bert and Smoky. Or maybe Simon and something else. As you can see, they were Maribeth's and Molly's best buds. Yes, they slept with them (or sat on top of them). Did the cats care? Apparently not. These were smart cats, since they would do their bathroom business outside and not require a litter box (somewhere I went wrong with subsequent cats).


When we moved from Mississippi, these cats went with us. After the movers had packed us up, we headed to Nashville. I think I had a car with three kids and two (or maybe three) cats in the car with me. Steve was driving the other car. Alone.  We stopped to spend the night along the way. Steve got there ahead of us and checked us into the room. When I arrived with the Ark, I did not know the room number (this was way ahead of the cell phone era). I went to the desk and asked for Steve's room, to which the clerk asked me who I was (I guess they get a lot of women with three little kids hanging on them, asking for a man's room). Anyhow, after some discussion and a phone call, the clerk gave me Steve's room number. I think later we smuggled the cats in. Or maybe left them in the car.

Anyhow, I consider these our "middle" cats. We've had many before and after. Steve says our current ones will be our last ones (they are very needy). We'll see - after all, cat people don't die out - they just find a better litterbox ...

Today is a gift because: starting on projects and accomplishing some tasks; picking up Lindley from school and making a Sonic run

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