Saturday, October 11, 2014

Go Dawgs!!

I am not a super-duper football fan.  Nashville has its own pro football team, the Titans, but I have yet to attend a game (although I do watch them play sometimes on TV). I am also not a super-duper college alumni. Steve goes to all the home Mississippi State football games, and decorates his car as well as donning his maroon and white togs (based on the dress code for a particular game). I participate in none of this. But today, I have to admit, I for a few hours, I was that fan. And I was sort of sad I didn't have my Mississippi State jersey on!

Today Mississippi State (ranked #3 in the nation) played Auburn (ranked #2) at home.  Before the season started, MSU wasn't even ranked.  In other words, nobody expected much out of the team. But in the last few weeks, the team has defeated two top-ten teams, and today they were facing their third. ESPN Game Day was even coming to Starkville for their pre-game show (or whatever ESPN Game Day does).  In other words, today was going to be a big deal.

I started watching the game at home and then Molly and I decided to get our tootsies did. I left at half-time, figuring I would catch up with the score on my phone.  However, when I got to the nail place, guess what was on every TV?  THE GAME!!! This was so surprising, considering most of the time, The Food Network is showing.  Anyhow, I was able to watch the exciting second half and the eventual WIN over Auburn - HAIL STATE!!  And to add to the excitement, now MSU is ranked #1 in the nation - for the first time in the history of the school.

I know, all this may seem like a little much, especially for me. However, my enthusiasm is pale in comparison with the euphoria that exists in my hometown tonight. Today's game set records for attendance at a football game in the state, even with the rain that came down during the game. It is an exciting day to be a Bulldog. And in case I had forgotten, today I realized that my blood does indeed run maroon.
Today is a gift because: Everley time; mani-pedis with Molly; exciting MSU football game on TV and watching it during the mani-pedi

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