Saturday, October 4, 2014

Dawn to Dusk Wogging

We started today with the Happy Haunted 5K Trail Run.  It started at 7:30am, a pleasant time of day, considering most of the races at Disney start at 5:30am.  Anyhow, we boarded the bus and were soon at the race venue, Wide World of Sports.  The morning threatened rain, but we were prepared with our ponchos.  We (that would be Molly, Katie, and me) split a muffin and a drink, donned our ponchos, and headed out to the race.  Soon we were off, through the back trails of WWoS.  The rain held off, which meant we were spared the possibility of a mudfest. Soon we were done, hoping the person being attended to at the finish by medical personnel, would be okay.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Disney race without seeing my pal Aisling, who is the best Disney race volunteer ever! I first saw her yesterday at the expo at the race shirt pickup, and then at a water stop this morning. She always makes me laugh. And act cray-cray. And keep going!! Clearly Molly and Katie thought it was pretty funny.  Or totally cray-cray!!

Once we finished the race and got our pledals (that would be plastic medals to you novices), we decided to head for the Magic Kingdom.  The quickest way from WWoS was to take the bus to the Polynesian and then the monorail to the MK.  We proceeded to do this, and upon our arrival at the Poly, who did we see but my childhood friend, Suzanne!  She and husband and daughter are here for the race weekend.  All three did the 5K, and the daughter, Jessie Elizabeth, will be doing the race tonight.

After saying our goodbyes, our threesome headed off to the MK, where we quickly headed for, and subsequently quickly consumed, the loaded waffle fries in Frontierland.  We ended our visit by paying homage to the race by riding the Haunted Mansion Ride, and then returned to our hotel for an afternoon nap.

All too soon, it was 8:30pm, and time to walk over to Hollywood Studios so that we would be in our corral by the designated time of 9:00pm.  So we would be ready to start the race at 10pm.  Several hours later, I finished - well after Molly and Katie had finished.  I trudged back to the hotel to find the other two showered and in their respective beds.  I showered, shoved all our dirty clothes in the washing machine, and got into bed, all by my goal time of 2am.  After all, I need at least a few hours sleep - I have big plans tomorrow!!

This morning's race is for my friend Sarah O, who is also Lynnette's mom.  Many moons ago, somebody (I'm not saying who - for potential legal issues) convinced her to do a Disney 5K.  She agreed to do so, and did so, on a very hot and muggy day.  She finished, and I believe as she crossed the finish line, she pinky-swore, promised, and uttered an oath that she would never do that again. Which doesn't matter, because she did this one.  This race is for her because I admire the fact that she entered, she participated, and she finished, proving that you can do that which you think you can't - especially if you have your daughter by your side!!

This evening's race is for my nieces, Lucy and Rachel, who have also done a Disney 5K many moons ago.  I think they were talked in to it with the promise of a Disney trip (they were much younger then). Anyhow, this is for them, in hopes of talking them into doing another Disney race together again, although I will have to start the race the day before if I have any hope of finishing anywhere close to Rachel (she's done the NYC marathon and I think her running shoes were smoking when she crossed the finish line). Anyhow, ladies, so how's your 2016 calendar looking?

Today was a gift because: the rain held off for the morning race; 5K-ing it with Molly and Katie and seeing Aisling on the course; seeing the Shifalos at the Poly (another God-sponsored random encounter); waffle fries; afternoon naps and errand-running; chatting with Ken and Jeanne before the race; great night race weather; finishing the race; getting in bed by 2am

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