Thursday, October 16, 2014


Yes, today I was thinking about poop.  And how everybody does it.  Sure, everybody has different standards of when, how, etc., but sooner or later it happens.  Sometimes poop needs a little help to happen, and usually the help is welcomed.  Because unpooped poop is not a good thing.

What is poop?  It's the stuff that our bodies doesn't need.  It's the stuff that our body says to get rid of.  It's not always that pleasant, especially for our olfactory sense, and especially if it's somebody else's poop.  But still, it's a necessary part of cleansing our bodies.

So why all this poop talk?  Because today as I was thinking about poop, and the fact that physically getting rid of poop is important, I thought about our emotional poop.  I thought about how, if we were as diligent about getting rid of our emotional poop as we are about our physical poop, how much better our emotional selves would be. What if once a day (or whenever you do it), we got rid of all the hate and mean thoughts and inconsiderate actions that we have done that day?  What if we purged ourselves of all the emotional nastiness?  Wouldn't then we feel fresh and clean once again?

And then I thought a little more, and realized that's what prayer and confession are - to get rid of the things that displease our Creator.  The things that make us less a witness of love to others.  The things that corrupt our very souls and poison the love and compassion that is inside us.

So the next time poop happens, think about emotionally pooping out all the unpleasantness, too. After all, maybe there's more than one cleansing our body needs.
Today is a gift because:  dinner with the family at the Doik

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Marilyn said...

I think you must have a senior citizen in your house that probably talks about his poop, or lack of, pretty often.