Friday, October 17, 2014

One Dilemma Down

Today around noon I decided that I had had enough. When I finally recognize the fact that my main style of hairdo is to wad it all up in a ponytail, I know it's time for a haircut. So I grabbed my wallet and keys and headed to the beauty shop (wishing Truvy  and Ouiser were there).  Did I have an appointment?  Of course not. Did I remember the name of who cut my hair the last time?  Actually I did, but figured since I hadn't made an appointment, there was little chance of my getting her at the last minute.  Besides, I sort of like the "Russian roulette" method of choosing a stylist.

Anyhow, I walked up to the receptionist and asked how long the wait was for a walkup (because there were several people sitting around in chairs at the front - now I'm wondering if they were stylists waiting for takers).  The receptionist said that there was no wait and handed me off to Tamantha who took me right back to her station.

The first thing I always do for a stylist that I don't know (which is basically every time) is tell them that I have a lot of hair and that it is naturally curly (although by the time I get there and unknot the pony tail, it is more like crazy and frizzy). I also tell them that I want it cut, which they usually interpret as I want a trim.  However, Tamantha and I appeared to be on the save wavelength. I told her I wanted it cut and in layers (don't get all 1970s on me and think I wanted a shag 'do).  She seemed to indicate that she understood, and got out her big shears.

After a lot of cutting and water-spraying and combing and measuring, Tamantha was done. My new 'do is just a little bit shorter than my jaw line and has enough little layers to suit me.  It can be worn curly (which means crazy) or it can be flat-ironed to make it straight.  And while it did not take years off my appearance or pounds off the scale, I am happy with it. And no, I have not taken a picture - mainly because I'm not sure if it looks good to the general public.

Now, what to do with all these photos ...
Today is a gift because: picking up Lindley and Everley at school and having a slumber party at the Doik; much-needed haircut via Tamantha

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