Friday, October 3, 2014

The Gang's All Here!!

At least the gang for now!  Katie's plane arrived and she got to the hotel about the same time as Molly and I were at the race expo picking up race bibs and shirts and stuff.  And maybe a little race expo shopping.  Katie went in search of purchasing her park ticket while we returned to the hotel to dump our expo stuff and meet Katie in Epcot. We had a lunch reservation at LeCellier, but Katie and Molly decided to have a few Food and Wine tastes as an appetizer. I decided to check out Mouse Gear.

Poutine - 'tis yummy!!
We convened at the restaurant and proceeded to order our food.  Probably too much of it, since most of it consisted of potato products and cheese.  Here was our order:  two kinds of poutine (a Canadian dish that Molly loves) which were regular gravy/cheese poutine and "farmhouse" poutine which had (among other things) tomato relish, soft-poached egg, bacon, and cheese - all served over french fries. We also had a cheese plate (Katie's choice), loaded mashed potatoes (my choice), and potato/cheese soup. Oh, and scallops. We somehow managed to waddle out of the restaurant and to Starbucks for an after-lunch drunk (tea and frappuchino) and waddle back to the room for a cheese/potato nap. I think we are assuring ourselves that we carbo-loaded.  We delude ourselves a lot, like thinking doing a 5K and a 10-miler all in one day is an excellent idea.

Anyhow, that's all tomorrow.  Today we will rest up so we can go sample some more around Epcot tonight.  More carb-loading?  Sure - and think of all those calories we'll be expending tomorrow ...
Today is a gift because: race expo with Molly; seeing Aisling at tshirt pickup; new running skirt; meeting up with Katie for Le Cellier lunch and more; afternoon nap; shopping and covert actions with Molly and Katie; more eating around the World at Epcot

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