Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sea Day!

Today's the day to relax.  And also the day to eat at Palo for brunch.  Our foursome did both, along with napping, rainforest rooming, and a drink of the day thrown in for good measure.  Jeanne got a massage and met us for the last show (to which Molly actually attended, thus confirming her intention to not attend another).  We spent our last night with Chris, our very animated and hilarious dining room server, who entertained us every night with his antics.

It's been a fun, albeit quick, cruise.  We've had time to relax and catch up.  We've had a table to ourselves at dinner, so we didn't have to have awkward conversations with strangers.  We've laughed and napped and eaten and sipped drinks of the day.  Altogether, it's been a great reunion.

Tomorrow we will have to get off the boat and return to our lives.  Jeanne will get caught up at work and Emily will pack for her upcoming trip to Israel.  Molly will get back to work and I will return to whatever it is that I do (maybe I will figure that out).

It's a blessing to have friends. But it's a special blessing to have the kind of friends that will always be there, no matter how much time passes and life's circumstances change.  I have that with Jeanne and Emily, and am so grateful for their love and friendship.  We'll see where our next reunion takes us!!

Today is a gift because: Palo brunch; naps in the rainforest room; our last dinner with Chris

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