Monday, October 13, 2014

For Your Halloween 5K Pleasure ...

Once upon a time, Lynnette and I decided to do a Halloween 5K.  We also decided to dress up. Lynnette wore a ginormous Minnie Mouse witch hat and I wore a ghost costume (no, it was not a sheet with holes cut in it for the eyes - it was a specially made costume which took months to design and create.  Never mind that a bed in our house lacked a top sheet for awhile ...). Anyhow, since some of you may be considering a fall 5K, I thought I would inspire you.  Like to not wear a ghost costume.  And Lynnette would probably ditto the witch hat.

I do not know why we have two bib numbers on.  Nor do I know why I was wearing Goofy ears.
And no, this was not at Disney World.  It was in Nashville.  In the afternoon.

In case you need perspective on the ginormity of the hat ...
And yes, at some point, the eye holes became one big neck hole.
Otherwise I might have ended up on I65 ...
Today is a gift because: I completed a task or two; catching up on travel plans, GDiz's good report from the doctor; accomplishing a few tasks; Taco Bell for dinner; fall rain

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