Saturday, July 29, 2017

A Slow Saturday

You know how I said yesterday that the good thing about friends was how you like to do stuff together? Well, it also includes eating out (like breakfast today) INSTEAD of working out or wogging! We should have gotten our derrieres out and walked a few miles. But we didn't. Instead, KB, Molly, and I decided to go eat breakfast. And while we didn't help our physical conditions by eating instead of exercising, we certainly had a good time.

Afterwards, KB had to go get her oil changed in her car, and Molly and I did a few things and then I took her home. Sam is moving into a house today, so they stopped by my house to leave a few things and pick up a few things. Once all that was taken care of, Mathieu and Everley and Emmatha came over and Lindley and Lynnette picked up Sonic and we had lunch and playtime.

Not too much else went on - a pretty slow Saturday. Eventually everyone went back home and I did a lot of nothing. Of course, somebody had the right idea, and had a nap on the way to her house!
Blessings today include: breakfast with KB and Molly; grandgirl time at the Doik; Lynnette picking up lunch; getting letters and packages done and mailed

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