Sunday, July 9, 2017

Back Home

Since we ended up getting home last night around 11pm, I have not unpacked. Basically, everything is tossed on the floor, awaiting unpacking. I did have to unzip the suitcase to get a few things out, so that makes everything look even worse. Luckily I am spry enough to walk over the stuff on the floor and pretend it doesn't exist.

Anyhoo, today is the day to start all that stuff, as well as start the cleaning process (like it has ever started). Marilyn and I are giving a wedding shower for our nephew David this coming Saturday, and I'm thinking the guests might prefer being in a house that doesn't have the potential for being condemned. Or on an episode of "Hoarders."

But the actual cleaning will probably have to wait until tomorrow. Tonight we are planning to have Maribeth's family birthday party (her birthday was yesterday) and I have to figure out what we will have to eat. Steve suggested steaks, so I guess I will head to Kroger to purchase those. And a few things to add to the meal.

Luckily, Mathieu made a cake and cupcakes yesterday, so that's off my list. KB is coming to the party, because she, Lynnette, Molly, Maribeth, and I are also having an Alaska cruise meeting at some point tonight. And KB and I also have to do some last minute party planning (she's helping keep the shower to a certain level - which is more than the "Krystal and gifts" theme I was considering.

So in other words, the unpacking is going to have to wait a bit. Like probably days ...  Like, when do I need an empty suitcase again?
Blessings today include: fun at Kroger seeing Cindy and my favorite Kroger dude; dinner of steak and shrimp and stuff; fun with the girls; good Alaska cruise planning session

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