Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The First Wave Returns Home

Today Molly, KB, and I started out the morning at the Y for a little bike activity. You know, the kind that's stationary and has a tv on it? Yup, we work out hard. Especially since today we discovered the built in fan just above the tv! Anyhow, we did our 30 minutes and then headed to our own destinations. For KB and Molly, that meant work. For me, that meant Wal Mart!

Back in Nashville!
I finished up some odds and ends in time to pick up Steve, Sam, and Lindley at the airport. Once we got home, we unloaded Steve's stuff, and then Sam and Steve left to go to work/do stuff. Lindley stayed with me for the afternoon. She showed me her new earrings, which she will get to replace tonight because she's had her starter earrings in the required length of time. Glad that her mother is in charge of that!

Once Steve got home from work, we loaded up the car to take Lindley home on the way to the Sounds baseball game. Tonight is UT/Sounds free baseball cap night, and Steve wanted to make sure we got one. Did I mention it's 900 billion degrees outside with 250% humidity? And did I mention that I do not do heat, especially when it's coupled with humidity? The things I do for a UT/Sounds cap that I will never wear...

Anyhoo, we got to the game the requisite 30 minutes before the gates opened (which is an hour before the game starts) to find that apparently a lot of people wanted this stupid hat (my opinion of this never-to-be-on-my-head hat was reaching the bottom of the desire/compliment barrel). By the time we reached the door and had our tickets scanned, they gave out the last hat. WHAT THE %**#?? Needless to say, Steve was not happy. Since I was having difficulty seeing through the sweat that was dripping into my eyes, I was having difficulty summoning up much outrage. Steve went up to an usher dude he knew and complained. The usher dude told us to go to the midfield gate because that was the least used gate and they might still have some there. Did I mention that the gate WAS WAY ACROSS THE STADIUM? And let's just revisit my heat/humidity feelings for a moment ...

So, Steve and I go hiking through the UNCOVERED CONCOURSE IN THE AFTERNOON BLAZING SUN to the midfield gate where yes, they indeed do have two of these blasted hats. Glory be!! The world is no long coming to and end!! Life can resume!! So we have hats. Now we just have to RETURN TO OUR SEATS BY WALKING ACROSS THE CONCOURSE IN THE BLAZING SUN. Luckily we pass the concession stand where they sell drinks. Of course do they have iced tea in a great big cup with lots of ice? Of course not, you fool!! But they do have bottled ice tea (we're talking like Snapple). So Steve gets a bottled Sprite for him and a bottled tea for me - AND THE TOTAL FOR BOTH (AS IN TWO BOTTLES) IS $9.00!! Now, you can get out your calculator if needed and do the math, but that's $4.50 a bottle. And I'm not talking about those size coke bottles that double as banks. I'm talking about a regular size bottle.

Well, this liquid gold is better that dying of dehydration, so I gladly take my refresher and we head to our seats. Which thankfully are in the shade. Which is like sitting in a warm oven. Every now and then a breeze came through which was nice as I sipped (because it was like $1.00 a sip) my drink. Which would have been much nice if it were over ice. Anyhow, we stayed for three innings, since by that time the layers of sweat on my skin were beginning to make my clothes feel tight.  By this time I had finished my bottle of tea and left the bottle, although I considered taking it to use as a vase and get my money's worth.

Once back home I relished in the cool air and cool bed. I even fixed myself a nice glass of water with ice! I do live the high life!!
Today's blessings include: safe travel home and airport pickup for Steve, Sam, and Lindley; Lindley time; Sam's closing on his house; eavesdropping on fellow cap-line people; getting hats thanks to usher dude; Lynnette's cleaned up front yard; relaxing in a cool bed in my cool house

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