Friday, July 7, 2017

Castaway Cay!

Today is our last day, period, and it will be spent at Castaway Cay. Molly is doing the 5K, but since the temperature is between “very hot” and “super duper hot,” I decided that I would pass. Instead, I will get off the boat ASAP and head for Serenity Bay (the adult beach) to secure us a primo location.

After breakfast, Molly headed for the 5K meetup and I got off the ship. I walked over to the Serenity Bay shuttle and grabbed the first hammock – right by the entrance. I went in the water a bit and it wasn’t freezing so it felt really great. Soon Molly joined me. She finished the 5K, said it was unbelievably hot, they ran out of water, and she had already downed two tankers of water.

I decided to go out in the water again, and saw Sylvia and Dude (Debbie and George were in their respective chairs on the beach). We chatted a bit and then it was time for lunch! Today, we actually all sat at the same table and talked about kids and grandkids and childbirth and such. After lunch I decided to return to the ship (for the air conditioning) and Molly and the rest went back to the beach to do their own thing.

Once back on the ship, I took a cold shower (heavenly) and a nap (even more heavenly) before Molly returned and we went to see “Spiderman.” I’ll review that later. Once that was over, it was time to return to our room and start packing – we’re going to have to leave the ship tomorrow!!

And with that sad news, here are some photos of today ...

See Dumbo? Our room is the floor just above to the right of his ear - the three long windows.

The view from our verandah - apparently Dumbo needed some sprucing up.

Panorama of Castaway Cay

When I found our seats, I also met a native of the island ...

Since I hustled off the ship, I got a great location - with hammock!!

Panorama of Serenity Bay - the adult beach

The view from my hammock ...

More Castaway Cay natives ...
Blessings today include: beautiful day at Castaway; lunch with our tablemates; BLT from room service for our pre-dinner meal; saying good bye to our servers and our new friends

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