Thursday, July 27, 2017

Camp LaLa

Catching up on sleep whenever/wherever possible!
Today Camp LaLa was in session, but only with half my clientele. With Everley and Emmatha still in Wyoming/Montana/Canada/Westward with their mommy, they were not in attendance. So, Lynnette dropped Lindley off and we proceeded with our day - which was a lot of nothing. Yesterday, Lindley had to get up at 4:30am or something like it to catch the flight home, so today would be a zero day. We did manage to make it to lunch with Moo, and to Target for some new earrings.

Once we got home, Lindley settled down to watch Boss Baby while I did some work on my computer. At least until Lindley came to me and said her earring fell out of her ear (circumstances of how that actually happened are a bit suspect). So guess who was in charge of putting said earring back in the earring hole? Yes, that would be LaLa!! Lindley is not a big fan of things that might hurt, and having had pierced ears for decades, I was fully aware of the dangers/possible catastrophes that putting earrings back in can hold. Nevertheless, I gave it the old college try, and miraculously got the earring back in without an ear/earring hole emergency. Which was good, since the earring in the other ear also came out a bit later, again under mysterious circumstances.

Lynnette finished work early and came over to collect Lindley. Boss Baby was finishing up, and at the end Lindley said she was ready to go home. So Lynnette and Lindley left, and once they got home, Lynnette sent this photo - Lindley was still catching up on sleep from yesterday!

Meanwhile, out West, Danger Baby was up to her usual antics. I'm thinking maybe Maribeth may be considering this enclosure for when they are back home in Nashville. I figure it will keep Ems for awhile - until she figures out how to scale the fence!!

Today's blessings include: lunch with Moo and Lindley; shopping with Lindley; God guiding those earrings in the holes; photos from the Westward Ho gang

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