Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Camp LaLa - Day 2

Today I went to Everley and Emmatha's house to pick them up because their parents had to get to work early. I was on duty to take Emmatha to school. The plan was that when I got to school, Lynnette and Lindley would meet us there, wait while I checked Emmatha in, and then Lindley would go to my house with Everley and me (my roller skate of a car will only hold 2 car seats in the back).

We got Emmatha handed off, and then spent the rest of the day as follows ...

Breakfast. Because sugar and chocolate are the building blocks of fun?

Park time. To run off all that sugar

LaLa's idea was to run to the top of the hill. Lindley, not LaLa.

Spending time at Moo's office.

And trying on Moo's office shoes.

Lunch with Moo and PawPaw and LaLa. Before a stop at Toys R Us.
There was also a handprint art project and some other random art projects. This evening, Maribeth, Emmatha, Everley, and PawPaw are headed west to Montana to begin the Westward Ho trip. Sam and Lindley will follow on Thursday. We loaded up the van and took the flyers to the airport, and then I took Lindley to her house. Just another fun day at Camp LaLa!!
Today's blessings include: daycare dropoff for Emmatha; donuts, park, Puffy Muffin, Moo's office, and Toys R Us with Lindley and Everley; meeting porch dude with Lynnette; airport dropoff and Lindley's nap on the way home; safe travel to Montana for Maribeth, Everley, Emmatha, and Steve

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