Monday, July 17, 2017

Camp LaLa - Day 1

Lindley and Everley aren't going to camps this week, because they will be going out west with some of their parents and PawPaw (I opted out of this trip). So they will be staying with me until their departure days. Since Emmatha pays for daycare by the month, she will attend school as usual - Camp LaLa has an age restriction.

Lindley had a dentist appointment this morning, so she didn't come until later. Maribeth dropped Everley off on her way to take Emmatha (who was not pleased when she saw Everley get out of the car while she stayed in). Once we all were here, we decided to go swim at the Y. Of course, halfway there, I realized that I had left the towels on the couch at the house. No matter, since the Y we were headed to has decent towels at the front desk.

Once we arrived at the Y, I got Lindley's Y card number to add to my mobile Y app. Now I know this information may seem mundane to you, but it is very important when she (or Everley before I added her Y number) is with me for swimming, and I have to yell at the old dude at the back entrance for him to look up Lindley's name (imagine me yelling, "LINDLEY. L-I-N-D-L-E-Y. NO. N-D-L-E-Y. LINDLEY - and then repeat the same thing with Everley). With their numbers on my app, there is only scanning involved, and no actual saying/looking up/screaming spelling of names.

Anyhow, we get that business complete, grab some towels, and head to the pool. There we drag some lounge chairs into the shade (Lala does not like sun) and then head to the pool. There are two pools - the kiddie pool and the big pool. Lindley has passed her swim test and is fine with the big pool. While Everley can swim, she has not passed her swim test and is a bit unsure about the big pool unless she has on a swim vest. Of course each girl wants to stay in a separate pool. So LaLa stood by the chain link fence between the pools to keep an eye on each one. Yes, there are lifeguards, but I must know where they are in case of emergency. Any emergency. Well, any kind of LaLa emergency.

After a couple of breaks, we decided to return home for some mac and cheese and playing before their parents collected them and took them home. There was a moment of drama when I couldn't find my keys, but I had a feeling I had left them at the desk when I was getting the Y numbers. And sure enough, my keys were right where I left them! Not bad for a Monday!

Today's blessings include: fun times at the pool; Lindley's good dentist visit; pizza and ice cream sandwiches at the pool

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