Friday, July 21, 2017

Needles And Docs

Today was my usual blood-letting day at the Red Cross. I made an early appointment, and was thinking of changing it as I was running late this morning. Instead, I decided to forego the shower and head on down. And once I got there, I was glad I decided to do it early.

Last time one of the techs was one of my former students. Today the tech that checked me in, once she looked at my birth date, said that we were birthday twins. I would have asked for a twins photo, but since I hadn't showered, I decided that perhaps a bit of distance might be better.

The tech that actually administered the blood-letting was amazing. She slipped that needle right in without a problem. It was quite the difference from the dude across from me. He appeared to be his tech's first ever human patient. She had her supervisor with her, helping her. He was good about it, even when she had to maneuver the needle a bit. I was in his place once - my first-timer was not very good, and I was about to offer to put the needle in myself before her supervisor came to the rescue. But dude's new tech was good, and once her first was done, I'm sure all the ones to follow will be fine.

Anyhoo, once I was all done, I stopped by Starbucks for some "good for you" drinks. Molly, KB, and I had already started the morning at the Y (for kinda working out), so it had already been a busy morning. In other words, time for a nap.

I would like to say that the rest of the day was spent doing many things. I would always like to say that. But no. However, happy times ensued when I got the mail and saw these - our cruise documents for Alaska!! Less than a month to go before our big Alaska par-tay!  Guess I'd better start thinking about what I'm going to take. Since it's been about a billion degrees here lately, it's hard to think about packing anything more than shorts and t-shirts.

Anyhow, that was my Friday. Was I supposed to make a list for today?
Today's blessings include: Y time with Molly and KB; meeting my birthday twin; super tech taking my blood; watching the new tech, her supervisor, and her patient; Starbucks treat; cruise docs

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