Tuesday, July 4, 2017

St Kitts

Today we have a railway and bus tour of the island. It begins at 8:15, so we had to get up and have breakfast (we didn’t see anyone this morning). We assembled in the theater, and soon were out on the pier with our tour group.

The first part of the tour was a bus ride to the railway station. Our driver is very intelligent and well versed on the island, and told us a lot about the island on our short trip.

We boarded our rail car (there are four) and off we went. At first it was sprinkling rain a bit, but the railcar had a plastic window, so that kept the raindrops at bay. After the rain stopped, we were able to roll up the window and stow it, although we briefly lowered it later in the trip. And then raised it back up.

The rail tour took about two hours, and we road along the coast of nearly the entire island. Our train tour guide was also very knowledgeable and pointed out many sights along the way. Did I mention there were also free drinks? A few glasses of rum punch and a pina colada might have been consumed along the way. A quartet also came on each rail car and sang a few songs.

Once the train ride was over, we boarded our bus for a 30-minute ride back to the port. We had the same bus driver, who pointed out even more sights, including the monkeys along the way, which are apparently plentiful in the area.

With our tour over, we walked around the stores along the port, but finding no free wifi and getting a bit hungry, we opted to board the ship. With a little lunch (or a lot of lunch in my case), Molly headed to the RR while I opted for a nap in the stateroom. Cruising is hard!!

Tonight we will be dining in the same restaurant that was the scene of our original dining dilemma. Where shall we be seating? Dontcha just love a little cruise drama??

Our train - we were in car #3 of 5

The singing group - they were great!

An example of the houses the government builds

Goats. Lots of goats. People must like goats here.

One of the bridges our little train traversed

The views were amazing!

Houses along the way

One of the churches we saw

The little children of this nursery came out to wave to us

Nevus. And a sad looking cow.

There were lots of these along the way.
Molly thinks they are hurricane shelters.

Tallest mountain. There's a park up at the top. Maybe next time ...

More goats. In the cemetery.

And then there's the monkeys. There's a baby in there somewhere.

Our ship from the bus.

Our home away from home!
Blessings today include: great tour and train ride with great guides; yummy lunch on the boat resulting in afternoon nap; blog catchups: April 23-25; May 1-2, 4, 6-7, 10-23, 25

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