Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hello Tortola!!

Today we stopped in Tortola. It would be a short day, since all aboard was at 2:45pm. It really didn't matter because we had no excursions planned. Almost all of the excursions ended at a beach, and we're really not beach people, so we opted to just walk around the port just before lunch. We were actually searching for some free wifi. Upon finding none, I got back on the ship, had lunch, and spent the rest of the day on the ship.

As we were leaving the ship, we ran into Debbie and Dude, our other table mates from dinner. They were super nice and apologetic and thankful for our choosing to move. They thanked us several times, and said they really missed us at dinner. So, all those snarky things I said before - just erase those from your memory!

Anyhow, tomorrow is a sea day and then Castaway Cay and then this cruise is over! Wow - 10 nights sure does go fast!!

We have a great view of docking the ship - one of my favorite things!

Waiting to untie us so we can leave

A panoramic view of the harbor - from our baby balcony!
Best view we've had this whole cruise

This cruise ship was docked beside us - it had a million veranda cabins.
Blessings today include: seeing Voltan at breakfast; seeing Debbie and Dude upon leaving the ship and getting their kind responses; walking around the port and getting Everley and Lindley shirts from Del Sol; blog catch ups from April 26; May 24, 26-31; June 1-5, 18-21, 24, 26

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