Monday, July 24, 2017


Today I dropped Maribeth's van off at the service place. The radio needed an update and the third seat was having issues. I explained these items to the service dude and then went to wait for the courtesy van to take me home. It took awhile before one became available, and the driver dropped me off after dropping off the other rider. I was home about an hour before the service dude called to say the car was ready (and they would call me when the third seat part came in) so I called to get a return courtesy van trip. It was the same driver, so we had a nice little chat on the way back to the dealer. I picked up the car and headed home. Wasn't this a nice little story?

Anyhow, the rest of the day was pretty dull. Meanwhile, the Westward Ho travellers seem to be having a great time (and lovely weather):

Guess you have two choices - up the mountain or across the bridge!!

Today's blessings include: nice ride and chat with shuttle driver; Molly's pre-made breakfasts; photos from family in Canada

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